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Morf creates custom formal footwear for men. Our mandate was to help Morf gather market intelligence in order to establish audience behaviour and insights and use that information to help them create a go-to-market strategy.


Launch Strategy,
Digital Marketing,
Art Direction


Morf Custom Footwear


CD - Meenal Velani

Design - Shubham Kaul

Strategy - Arjan Maini

Morf 3.jpg


Our goal was to create a marketing pilot in order to help Morf determine who to sell their product to, where to sell their product and the language and imagery to be used in order to help them sell their products.


Using secondary research and case studies to understand the custom footwear market we were able to gauge the market size and therefore determine the best locations for entry in India and internationally. Running A/B tests on social media and Google helped us determine imagery and communication to be used across marketing channels.

Key Results

Our findings and recommendations allowed us to create a strong marketing pilot for a product that had not been seen in India yet. It helped us drive lead generation for Morf which as an expensive investment we were able to follow up and close. This process is now going to be automated and added to its existing marketing stack.

Morf 5 II.jpg
Morf 4.jpg


As a custom footwear brand, it is possible to design over a million combinations of shoes on Morf. We created illustrations to help convey the width of the offering while ensuring we draw attention to the craft of creating a great pair of shoes.

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