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Paushtaa is a health foods brand specialising in chemical and preservative-free baked goods. Our mandate was to assist the brand with creating and optimising ROI driven communication and marketing campaigns.


Branding, Design, Social Media, Content




CD + Strategy - Meenal Velani

Illustrations + Design - Hariom Verma



Being a bootstrapped startup meant choosing the most effective sales channels from a plethora of options available for consumer businesses. We needed to drive “trials” of the product in order to have it picked off shelves both offline (modern retail) and online (Milk Basket). Once a consumer tried it, we were confident they would return. A hypothesis we see has played out as planned. Paushtaa currently has a repeat purchase rate of 70%.


Action and Results

In order to encourage trials, we decided to solve the problem simply, by changing up packaging. The old packaging was very subtle and the brand often got overlooked due to lack of visibility. 

Our new design ensured it got picked up and that has led to an increase in sales month on month and growing by over 400% in the last quarter. Our social media engagement followed the brand guidelines set by our packaging mandate and ensured that we got an increased mentions and organic engagement on social. We also have a community of customers and content creators that continuously engage with us from our organic efforts.

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