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About Oddity

Oddity is an evolving marketing network of vetted thinkers, writers, designers and strategists. For every brand we work with, we put together a team, uniquely suited to solve your challenges creatively. Together, we discard the hierarchy of agency structures to bring you solutions that are collaborative and unlimited in their scope. Your project gets all our heart, without it costing you a kidney.

The Story (we like to tell everyone)

A writer and a wronger walked into a bar.

Over an evening, they found they had many things in common:

Radical honesty; to the work, to their clients and to each other.

The conviction to build something and for it not to last but to evolve.

A passion for advertising that borders on the indecent.

A distaste for brown-nosing, office politics and general greasiness.

Oodles of experience - relevant and otherwise.

The general consensus was this. A brand needs more than creativity. It needs people whose strengths align to come together and create something that can be powerful. Collaboration and accessibility are the two keystones to compelling marketing. 

And thus, Oddity was born.

And with it a compendium of ideas and a bar tab so massive it makes Douglas Adams look bad (RIP big guy) 

Meet The Team

Meenal B&W.jpg

Meenal Velani

  • LinkedIn

Co-founder, creative and proud menstruator

(See also: Hiccup) 

Many a reader has fallen to the blunt force trauma affected by Meenal's razor-sharp wit. Probably a Hufflepuff. Vegan.
Definitely a Hufflepuff. 

She’s also afraid of balloons. (Go figure).

Arjan B&W.jpg

Arjan Maini

  • LinkedIn

Adman at heart, Arjan combines beard and charm with business savvy and instinct to wondrous effect.

Stepping out for a minute to go do his MBA at fancy-schmancy Cambridge; he's a call away should you want a great cocktail recipe or a business strategy to blow the fish (read: competition) out of the water. 

Our Clients

If you’re a creator looking to join our network, reach out.
We don’t bite. (Unless you ask nicely)
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