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Escapex is a social media tech firm headquartered in Los Angeles. As part of our consulting services we were engaged on a year-long project to help set up the
Asia-Pacific entity of Escapex. This included mapping and executing business strategy, creating new revenue streams and assembling a team across India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.


Strategy, Growth Consulting, Business Development, Fundraising




Strategy - Arjan Maini

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Problem Statement

Escapex creates social media applications that are the sole property of the celebrities/ influencers. These meant that they could profit directly from the content, unlike the experience on social media where the platform owns the content. However, in-app purchases were a business model that did not work well in APAC barring South Korea and Japan. 

The other side of the problem was creating a consistent supply of content, which we worked on by getting more influencers to sign up for their own personalised apps.


We worked closely with the Escapex team over a year to help create SOPs for content creation and harnessed the celebrity’s brand power and their platforms to create engaging branded content. Additionally, we created a monetization layer - that of sponsorships over and above this content. 


Our work was done across creating the business model with the team, operating and governance structure, brand-pitch process flows, along with content integration, production, and most importantly, business success metrics. The new vertical pulled in more than $ 500,000 in the first two quarters itself!

Our supply-side metrics were bolstered by getting influencers and celebrities to sign up for their own apps, growing the APAC footprint by 5x and helping pull in in-app subscription revenue through content to the tune of >$600,000. 


This ensured that Escapex was able to successfully raise it’s series B round of funding and further allowed Oddity to participate in creating business integration possibilities with unicorns such as Go-Jek in Indonesia.

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