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Mind Specialists

Mind Specialists is a mental health awareness platform. We created the brand strategy, marketing channels and communication design by integrating into their
in-house team.


Marketing Strategy, Content Development, Social Media, Video, Events


Mind Specialists


Strategy - Arjan Maini

Content - Meenal Velani

Design - Aprajita Chowdhury



Mind Specialists approached us with the unique proposition to develop a platform around mental health awareness. Our goal was to design the map for what this platform would be, how information was to be presented so that it was easily accessible as well as how to generate awareness around the platform itself.


We went with the approach of accessible education. This was done through creation of well researched, in-depth content on all platforms. To aid reach, we created interesting communication about mental health such as animated videos, vox pops, blogs, articles and social media posts.

Key Results

We laid the foundation for an active and engaged audience on social media.

We increased website traffic by 30% month on month.

Helped conceptualise and organise an event on World Mental Health Day that
 had a footfall of over 1000 people.


Creation of longer form content in the form of blogs, video scripts and YouTube videos increasing average times spent on site by 30% MoM.

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