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Haazri is a retail chai chain in Mumbai. We worked with Haazri to create communication over a series of projects in its capacity as a growing brand.


Branding, Marketing Strategy, Outdoor and Packaging, Communication consulting




CD- Meenal Velani

Illustrations - Hariom Verma

Design - Shubham Kaul

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When Haazri reached out to us, they were brand new and had tight budgets. We worked with them over multiple projects so as to balance their marketing budget while culling out a brand identity that would help aid awareness and therefore, sales.


We designed all brand communication for Haazri on a retail level. This included everything from packaging and menu design to delivery and outdoor communication at retail outlets.

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Haazri aimed to produce hygienic and great tasting tea, for tapri level prices.
We created special illustrations for them to denote this duality of tradition and modernity. They were used across all communication and gave the brand a unique and consistent flavour.

Key Results

With the messaging designed by us, the walk-ins increased and so did the time spent in-store resulting in more sales. Over the course of our association, Haazri raised USD 200,000 in funding and expanded to 6 locations.

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