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Hiccup is a menstrual cup company launched by Oddity to create meaningful impact at the intersection of health and environment. Our goal was to create an environmentally and economically viable product that worked towards accomplishing the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations.


Identity & Branding, Packaging, Website, Marketing Strategy, Influencer Activation, Social Media




CD + Strategy - Meenal Velani

Design - Sakshi Jalan



Since a menstrual cup lasts for 10 years, we aim to have no repeat customers (in the short run).

This meant that our goal became to ensure that all our customers became passionate advocates for the brand and product.


With Hiccup, our journey started with identifying a need gap in the market. We conceptualised, sourced, researched and developed the product along with creating its brand identity and communication roadmap. We developed key sales and marketing channels along with the website, social media and other properties. Lastly, we set up a robust customer support system that ensured speedy redressal and customer delight to encourage loyalty.


Key Results

As a social enterprise, we have seen massive growth through our collaboration and marketing efforts. Our distribution channels increase by 50% month on month while sales have increased 400% over the last two months. 


The website is the holy grail for information regarding menstrual cups. Along with being highly informative, it is also the primary sales channel. Over the last three months, we have seen a 530% increase in website traffic and 28% increase in time spent on the website.

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