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Mobile Premier League

Mobile Premier League is a mobile gaming application. We worked with them to create a compelling Influencer program to increase awareness and downloads in South India.


Influencer Campaign


Mobile Premier League


Strategy - Arjan Maini

Content - Meenal Velani

MPL 4 II.jpg


MPL had a fairly successful entry into the Indian market as a mobile gaming application. However, they felt that the South Indian market had more potential than was being explored. We worked with them to increase organic downloads by creating an elaborate Influencer campaign.


We brought together over 30 influencers for this campaign, their follower count ranging from 100,000 to 1 Million followers each. We designed the campaign as a series of challenges that connected the influencers to each other. The activities were targeted towards generating more downloads by offering incentives such as a chance to meet their favourite celebrity in person.

Key Results

The campaign ended up being very successful. The chatter resulting from this campaign created 40 Mn impressions. Total app downloads also increased by 7% month on month.

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